14 NCH 0809 Pops Arrival from Sweden - nantucketpix

Daisy enjoys working with a variety of art mediums. Most of the art in this gallery was made since last summer. Exceptions are the two horse sketches (2016) and the latch hook rug (winter 2018).

Daisy has been focused on drawing and sculpting cartoon-like dogs since September. She's  refined her clay dog sculpting techniques and very recently started using shaping  tools. The ones with names are portraits requested by the dogs' owners.

The "Sing" dog demonstrates stages of creation including a time-lapse sequence Daisy recorded while drawing (note the photo with the phone camera resting on the book).The time-lapse can be viewed by clicking on the image with the colored pencils.

The clay pots are examples of some Daisy made in a wheel-throwing class this summer. 

A collection of Daisy's achievements in areas including science, writing, horticulture, Reiki, geography, community service and working with animals is represented in the final images.

For easier viewing, click on the single image on the right of your screen to enlarge it.

Nantucket Cottage Hospital Boston Pops Concert featuring Arrival from Sweden, Jetties Beach, Nantucket, MA August 9, 2014